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K Rouse prides itself on its ability to deliver excellent results in the high pressure and programme dependant highways sector.
We have the ability to consistently meet or exceed our clients expectations through our large dedicated workforce and our extensive fleet of specialised plant and equipment.
We understand a clients need for continual unrestricted progress and are able to provide the necessary twenty four hour, seven day, safe working environment across the full discipline of trades.
This ensures that we are the contractor of choice in this competitive and resource dependant sector.
Specialist Plant
The K Rouse plant fleet includes Zero Swing excavators that are ideal for the requirements of restricted sites.
Zero Swing excavators can operate in close proximity to access roads without causing a slewing hazard which greatly increases the efficient use of space and allows for uninterrupted site movement.
Case Studies
The works on the M180 involved central reserve barrier and drainage renewals, requiring K Rouse to perform enabling works for the replacement concrete barrier and the installation of 1300m of pipework with diameters up to 675mm at depths of up to 4.5m.
The scheme included hard shoulder running and seven day working.
As is usual with central reserve schemes the working area was restricted which required the use of specialised plant and a workforce that is both highly experienced and used to the strict organisation required in these conditions.
M180, Junction 4, Barrier Renewals
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